Eight Job Offers in Eight Days – Get to it!

June 9, 2012 by admin
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The forecasters report that the job market is slowly beginning to open up, and whether it is or not, now is the time to redouble your efforts to get interviews that you can’t pass up. There are a few things that you need to do in order to put you in front standing on the positions that you apply for.

The first thing to do to secure eight job offers in eight days is to update your resume, and if you will be applying for different types of jobs, it would be better to have two separate resumes. Make sure the information is current and there is no clutter or extra words. Keep it concise. Make plenty of copies, so you will have enough to offer the interviewer, and you will also have one for your benefit.

Next step is to find a clean, neat outfit for interviewing. It doesn’t have to be new, and you need one to look smart at interviews. For most positions the application and resume are sent online, so the first time the prospective employer will actually see you will be for an interview. Make a great first impression and be honest, and you will get many job offers.


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