Five Ways to Find a Job without Using the Newspaper

June 4, 2012 by admin
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One way to find a job is by word of mouth. Ask a friend or two if the company that they work for are hiring. If so, ask if they would be so kind to put in a good word for you or if they can be your personal reference once you have contacted the company and sent in your cover letter and resume.

Another way to seek a job is by going online. With the internet there are a lot of job sites where you can post your resume so that employers can find you. Job fairs are another way that can help you land a job. Attending job fairs will give employers a better idea of who you are because you will be talking with them in person.

If you are a college student you can find jobs in your college’s career services office by referring to jobs that may be posted on job boards. Doing a walk about town can also help you snag a job. Ask if that particular place is hiring. They will either say yes and hand you an application or say no.

Finding a job is, in itself, a lot of work. You can broaden your chances of finding a job without searching in the newspaper by turning to an array of avenues within your reach.


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