Find Your Dream Job in Less Than 30 Days

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In today’s economy, it can seem challenging to find an open job or available position, much less your own personal dream job. If you are going to attempt to find your dream job in less than 30 days, it is essential that you prepare before you begin the job hunt. First, it is vital for you to determine what your perfect job is and how you should go about applying for the position. It is also important to assess your current location and whether or not you are capable of moving if you apply Read more

Jobs in Sales and Marketing You Should Consider

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If you are considering marketing as a career choice, there are some things about sales and the industry in general that you should be aware of. There are certain jobs that should not be overlooked, and if you put in the elbow grease and do the proper degree of networking it is not a very difficult task. Some of the popular career choices in the field of marketing are concerning social media and viral marketing techniques. These specific aspects of the marketing Read more

Eight Job Offers in Eight Days – Get to it!

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The forecasters report that the job market is slowly beginning to open up, and whether it is or not, now is the time to redouble your efforts to get interviews that you can’t pass up. There are a few things that you need to do in order to put you in front standing on the positions that you apply for.

The first thing to do to secure eight job offers in eight days is to update your resume, and if you will be Read more

How to Find Manufacturing Jobs In Your Area

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Finding a manufacturing job in today’s economy can be a challenge. It has been said that if you become unemployed, you may be without a job for up to one year. For most, this can be financially and mentally devasting. Using the resources available may reduce the amount of time you are unemployed.

There are many resources available to help find a manufacturing job. Your first stop should be your local unemployment office. They have many tools to help you in your search. They have offer training on how to write a resume, interviewing skills, and Read more

Five Ways to Find a Job without Using the Newspaper

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One way to find a job is by word of mouth. Ask a friend or two if the company that they work for are hiring. If so, ask if they would be so kind to put in a good word for you or if they can be your personal reference once you have contacted the company and sent in your cover letter and resume.

Another way to seek a job is by going online. With the internet there are a lot of job sites where you can post your resume so that employers can find you. Job fairs are Read more